Call for Makers

Call for Makers

Join us for the Makerbox Maker Faire Vientiane 2024. Show us your inventions, creations, ideas, because participation is absolutely free. If you’re selected, we will even give you free space at the Makerbox Maker Faire Vientiane 2024 to showcase your project.

Simply fill out the online registration form and describe your project. The description must be detailed and well-structured, so that the judges can understand your idea and evaluate it properly.

In addition, it is important to provide images and/or videos of your project so that it can be displayed in the online exhibitor catalogue that will be hosted on this site. We will use your images or videos to promote your project on social media and through print media (if you want us to do so).

Participation in the Call for Makers 2024 is for all makers, tinkerers, creators, builders, who are excited to show their project. How you wish to participate is up to you, simply select one of the following methods to showcase you and your project:

  • present your project: a space will be provided, free of charge, so as to allow curious onlookers and interested visitors to enquire about and enjoy your project;
  • perform activities (presentations to the public): a physical and/or virtual space will be provided, free of charge, where presentations on topics related to the Event’s proposed themes can be held, experiences shared, and practical demonstrations (workshops) can be carried out.
  • perform in public (performance): a physical and/or virtual space or a physical and/or virtual stage will be provided, free of charge, so that you can deliver your own creative, technological, robotic or musical performance. Performances can also be held as webinars to enable their enjoyment and dissemination among the public, also for those attending remotely.

A selection of main topics

Under the following Umbrellas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics

3D Printing – Aerospace – Agritech – Artificial Intelligence – Big data – Biohacking – Circular Economy – Digital Manufacturing – Education – Health & Wellbeing / Wellness & Healthcare – IoT & Electronics – Mobility and Drones – Robotics – Smart Cities – Smart Robotics – Chemistry – Biology – Magnets – EV Cars/scooters/bicycles – Space – Energy (wind/solar) –

With insights and dedicated areas

Art – Artisans & New Craft – Augmented / Virtual Reality – Coding – Cultural Heritage – Design – Fablab – Food – Green Building – Green Tech – Music – Recycling & Upcycling – Science & Biotech – Sport – Wearables – Games – Puzzles – Rubiks Cube – Weaving – Design – Puppetry

And Showcases:

Short Films – Photography – Painting – Literature – Poetry

Who are we looking for? 

At Maker Faire Vientiane, we are looking for those who are able to show us the future that lies just around the corner, the one we still do not know we need today and those who have seen the past and have improved on it; those who know how to present their products/creations/innovations in a simple and effective way to everyone. We want you to show us your project, your innovation, your ideas, your handiwork – items must have been produced within the last 12 months (counting from May 2023).

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For more info:makers(at)

Do you want to join the Maker Faire Vientiane community of exhibitors? Here’s what you can do!

  • Keep a social media log of your adventure with photos and videos on your profiles; we will share them with our audience on all Maker Faire Vientiane channels. Always use the hashtags #MFV2024 and #MakerFaireVientiane
  • Download the images you find on this page and use them on your social media channels, on your website and with your digital communication systems