Makerbox Lao Vision

One stop hub for creative individuals, technical experts and early explorers to generate ideas and turn their visions into practical innovative solutions

Makerbox Lao Mission

  • To provide a space where a community of like-minded people can share ideas and be inspired by others.
  • To provide a space where anyone of any age and gender can learn and explore principles around science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.
  • To allow people to envision making just about anything (or at least a prototype of almost anything).
  • To provide the resources necessary to inspire, ideate, and create.
  • To provide facilitators and consultants to assist makers when they need inspiration to complete their ideas.
  • To provide a learning materials library that can be accessed by the community to assist them in bringing their project or idea to fruition.
  • To serve as a place where producers are created.
  • To pioneer innovative prototypes and solutions.
  • To pioneer new solutions for the improvement of the country’s agriculture sector